You know you love McFly when…

1. Your every thought is of them

2. You know what I mean when I say a “gurge of opportunities.”

3. Flones, Pudd, Pones, Floynter, Fludd and Junes mean something to you.

4. You dream of them each night.

5. You constantly think of scenarios in your head about what’d happen if you magially crossed paths with them.

6. You can be in the most awful mood EVER, and they’re the only thing that’ll make you smile.

7. You know every song.

8. You can’t pass a petrol station without singing “1, 2, 3, 4! Went out with the guys…” 😛

9. Same to be said for golf courses… “Recently I’ve been…”

10. Their tweets/tumblr posts make your day so much better.

11. You cry/scream/laugh with them each day.

12. Your dream is to one day meet them (perhaps stick a finger in Tom’s dimple, touch Danny’s freckles, bear hug Harry and snog Dougie…)

13. You cannot go one day without listening to their songs. It’s impossible, mate.

14. You’ve made some of your best mates coz of McFly.

15. You’ve seen every interview, every guest appearance, every possible video on youtube/ustream/twitcam/etc

16. You like the person you are with them.

17. You love them for their talent/personalities/lovely selves, not just coz of a hot body.

18. You know Harry’s just the fucking drummer, but you couldn’t possibly love him more.

19. You know Dougie wants to be more like his bandmates, and you love him even more for that.

20. You know Tom thought he was fat, and all that’ll do is get him cuddled!

21. You know Danny’s a bit of a slut… but he’s also the most genuine person you could ever imagine.

22. When someone doesn’t know who McFly are, you rush to show them their best songs to make them fall in love.

23. When someone takes the piss outta McFly, it offends you to no bloody end.

24. You want to touch Tom’s dimple. I know you do.

25. You can say quite honestly that McFly are the reason you’re still here.

26. You know that Bubblewrap, Heart Never Lies, She Falls Asleep, and Not Alone are the saddest & most beautiful songs ever

27. Songs like 5 Colours, Party Girl, Star Girl, Ultraviolet and Please, Please make you want to dance away… which you do 😉

28. You made a tumblr just coz Tom had one.

29. The same for twitter, only because the band had one.

30. If you’ve gotten a reply from them on twitter/tumblr, it was one of the best moments of your life.

31. Tom is your favourite geek, Harry’s your favourite muscle man, Dougie’s your favourite weirdo, and Danny’s your favourite naughty boy.

32. You don’t have a boyfriend coz you compare all boys to McFly… and your expectations are FAR too high!

33. You’d go anywhere in the world to see them.

34. You’ve ever met them at an airport/venue/radio station

35. You’ve camped out just to get the best seats.

36. When someone says a word from a McFly song, you can’t help but finish the lyric.

37. Your McFamily is truly important to you. (I’m Vicky Jones, Danny’s wife)

38. You can fully appreciate the existence of Gi, Georgia, Frankie and Izzy coz they make the lads happy. And if they’re happy, you are as well.

39. You’ve never loved anything more than Mcfly, and you’re SO proud to admit that.

40. You’ve met someone who loves McFly as well… and instantly decide you will become best friends.

41. McFly’ve got your heart

42. You cried when you saw Tom nearly crying about Super City having to shut down.

43. You hugged them during that twitcam

44. Each time Danny says “Let me see your hands!” during live performances, you raise your hands dutifully whilst on your computer.

45. The ONLY reason you own Just My Luck is coz McFly’re in

46. You know you’ll be okay, coz you’re not alone & you’ve got McFly to make you feel stronger 🙂

47. The title of this post instantly caught your eye…

48. You’ve got so many photos of them saved on your laptop that there’s hardly any disk space left!

49. Attitude mag photoshoot… enough said 😉

50. Whether you agree wiv ONE or ALL of the above, you are officially a Galaxy Defender!



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