Christmas Time!


How are you?

I didn’t post anything for a long time. But hey!! Here I am, I didn’t die. I have walked a little busy.

But don’t worry I’ll tell you what happened to me on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

But I tell you what, you’ll have to wait four days. Tomorrow I gotta go skiing and won’t return until the day before New Year’s Eve.

I feel like I have to tomorrow, I’m going to ski for two days, then the 29 we will go to visit Bilbao, I’ve never been to Bilbao, and I have wanted to go. We are going to see the Guggenheim, this museum very rare, and I want to see, and tell you that I found!

I’m going to miss Ponferrada during these four days, but I don’t worry, because nothing will return, and I’m up skiing with my friends, even better!

I have to remember when you return to tell you all my troubles on Christmas Eve, all the presents that Santa brought me and how I mess up the notebook and inside it was the DVD of “Nowhere Left to Run

Now I didn’t tell you anything else, I have to finish making the suitcase, the Batamanta doesn’t enter into it, I want to die. LOL

See u laater!!

Love u!


Vicky Jones


Merry X-Mas Everybody!!

P.D. 2

Congratulations to Jared Leto, today is your 29th birthday! and still as handsome as ever!

You know I love you!!








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